It’s 21st century and you don’t need to be told what airsoft is but my question is “have you ever tried it personally?” If not, I encourage you to. Your attitude to sports is not likely to change but I bet most of you will not want to stop once started. And don’t mistake it for paintball. Even though the two may look alike from a distance there are quite a lot of differences between them. Airsoft uses much smaller pellets compared to paintball and thus little risk of an injury and milder requirements to gear. Shortly peaking, airsoft is cheaper and safer. And one more advantage I like about airsoft isĀ authenticity. Airsoft guns look so much like real guns you can hardly tell the difference. So, if you happen to sit there thinking of a way of spending another weekend, consider having some fun with your friends. You can get yourself geared up at: Airsoft Megastore orĀ Airsoft Station. This could be so much fun and so much different than playing a shooter on your desktop!