Candlestick charts

Another idea of working online. You can’t really say online trader’s job is an idea because it has been around forever but what if you feel some interest for this? What do you start with? Where do you go? Going to a university will probably sound like too much for you and taking some online courses could seem a way to go but again, how do you choose from hundreds of options available? That could be a tough cookie to crack. You’d want to pick something that works and is possible to understand for a regular person. Online trade is a competitive environment and if you get poor knowledge or learn some wrong information it could lead you to a total disaster. You need to learn something valuable and relatively easy to comprehend. So, today I want to say about candlestick charts which is a is a style of financial chart thought to have been developed in the 18th century in Japan. There’s such a person as Steve Nison who has brought the charts to the Western world trough his book and over the past 30 years has helped thousands of traders and investors around the world to successfully apply these strategies to their markets. Steve now has a website where you can find find courses, software or even enroll into a free candle chart academy. I am not going to say information there is a piece of cake but will say that if you get it right, you get valuable knowledge. It’s not cheap if you are looking for freebies but it’s a vault of golden nuggets from a money/value standpoint. I will now list a few pieces of the website for you to check out if you think online trade is something you could try.

  • There’s an express class with essentials for those who does not have enough time for in-depth courses: The Candlestick Express Class
  • Dive into FOREX with Frontline Forex where you can buy 1, 2 or 3 volumes to learn everything you need to go from a beginner to expert with Nison Candlesticks
  • Or, if you have barely any knowledge in trade but think you could take time for proper learning you can try a course made for beginners who want to start with proven steps. The course is called Hajime which in Japanese means the beginning.

There’s also software available.

  • A simpler version that highlights candle patterns and works with MetaTrader4 platform is called Nison Candle Highlighter or NCH. You can either pay monthly or buy a lifetime license.
  • A more advanced program is called Nison Candle Scanner that is capable of making trading a whole lot easier by allowing you to scan for patterns you want, giving you alerts when a chosen pattern shows up in any of the markets in real time.

Good luck if it sets you for a new adventure.