Chess time

You can have no idea how to play it or be a player with years of experience. It is not just a game, it is a brain training machine. If you have no experience with the game this post is probably not your cup of tea but if you’re already addicted than I have something to show.  No matter what level we play at we always want to get better. But how do you learn something new? Do you keep playing endless games to get more  and more experience? Do you watch youtube videos? How about learning from the best? Would you like to learn wisdom from an international Grandmaster? Well, that IS possible at,  a place to find lessons from GM Igor Smirnov. I am not telling you his story here, you can read it yourselves. What I like about the website is that you don’t have to have your money upfront to get an idea of what he teaches. You can easily browse through the site and even get a free download of your choice. For the most serious of you who will consider buying more than one book, think about purchasing a package. That IS big money, no doubt but you can save over $300 compared to buying the same books separately. No more words.