It’s about winter

What does November mean in the northern hemisphere? Could be different things for everyone but to me it’s about snow and ski/snowboarding season! If you practice non of those I recommend you to try. At least a couple of times. Winter has quite a bunch of downsides like limited daytime, lack of sunshine, cold days, slippery roads and you can think of more and with all that you really need something about this season to look up to. This is why doing a winter sport is so important to me. It’s like a beam of light in the dark. It could sound dramatic but the point is that your whole perception of the season could change for better should you find snow sports as much fun as I do.

Before you make up your mind your mind and go blasting your wallets I want to say that getting a right set of gear can be crucial. What I mean is that with proper snow and injury protection you can get a way more positive experience and then you are likely to go for more. This is why I want you to have browse thru one of the leading names in the industry before you spend a penny. Go see and consider the store a high standard in quality gear. Don’t opt for less.

P.S.: If you do buy something from 686 I might get a little commission thanks to that affiliate link I employ.