Legal documents made simple

I don’t know about you but I feel most people find it hard to understand legal language. I always find myself falling asleep when something legal has to be read not even talking about compiling something. So, here’s what I came across recently. It’s a service and they take your money, yes, but they don’t just take it for granted. What it’s about is making it as simple for you to compile a document as possible, almost toddler friendly. You just start with the kind of a document you need and then answer a series of kinda yes-or-no questions and there you go! In no more than 5 minutes you can have a ready legal document! I find it super handy. Oh, and if you really don’t feel like spending a penny you can even try it free for a whole week! The service is called¬†Legalcontracts and is adapted to 4 markets: United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. Check it out, I hope you find it useful.