Phone calls

It may seem funny at first but using phonecards still makes sense today in particular situations. Of course, with things like skype, facebook and messengers it may seem like phonecards is a thing of the past until… until the time you need to dial a phone number of a different country. Calling straight from your cell phone or from home is not something you’d do without thinking. You WILL want a better rate than what your operator charges you. So what do you do? Go down one of the ways I mentioned above, connect thru facebook, whatsapp, skype, etc. But what if you have to call an actual phone number and not a messenger? And this is the situation that a phonecard would be your savior! So, don’t think their days are long gone, get yourself a few of those just in case you need to make an unplanned distant call. Of course, there’s a place I would like you check out and if you do buy some I might earn a little commission from that. Oh, the site is called SpeedyPin.