US mail address

Have you ever wished you had a United States address you could use to buy something on the web? Of course, if you live in the States the question is irrelevant but if your country of residence is not USA it actually makes sense. Many merchants don’t ship worldwide or outside the US at all. Sometimes you buy a bunch of things and wish you could receive them altogether rather than one by one. That used to be a pain for me until I started using mail forwarding services. It occurred to me that even though mail and package forwarding services have been around for pretty much as long as online trade itself, some of you could still not be using it. Services like or can take proper care of your packages and send them to you the way you want. You just register an account, choose a membership plan and enjoy your new United States of America address you can use for your online purchases or mail. The pricing is reasonable and depending on how much you usually buy you can chose a plan that will suit you best. Top membership plans may even offer you free shipping to your country. So, if you have not yet used that kind of services you should try. You can always start free and have a better look at what a company has to offer. USA2ME.COM , SHIPITO.COM