Why vector graphics?

If you ever used vector graphics then you should be well aware of some huge benefits it has over usual raster graphics. If raster or vector look like some stranger words to you here’s what it’s basically about. Most graphics like jpg images consist of hundreds, thousands or millions tiny pixels of different color. If you zoom an image close enough, you can see individual pixels and the picture will not look smooth any more. Resizing a raster image will inevitably lead to quality loss. Here is the vector graphics main advantage –¬†scalability. You can scale a vector image infinitely and it will not lose a bit of its quality. Why? Because unlike a raster image it consists of shapes rather than pixels. Shapes are described with mathematical formulas making an image size independent of its scale. There are many resources with vector graphics on the internet both free and paid. I would like to pay your attention to a website with a huge selection of vector graphics across a variety of categories and particularly animals. The website is called¬†Vectoons. They do charge¬† a little bit of money for their images but the quality is fair.