Go green, go natural

Another day another discovery.

I don’t usually bother too much when it comes to buying daily routine stuff like shampoo, oldspice or some tide pods. I just take what looks and smells ok. What got me thinking is a company I noticed recently. A company with a big goal of making non-toxic products from natural elements. They are making such products as not-toxic multi-purpose cleaners, shampoos, conditioners and soap bars, deseeded soap nuts and moringa products. What surprised me in particular was the fact that soap nuts can be used instead of washing detergents and perform just as well but at the same time not being toxic as commonly known brands. You can wash clothes with SOAP NUTS! I didn’t know. The same goes for their cleaning stuff which does good job without being dangerous. Their shampoos are non-toxic and don’t have ingredients higher than 2 on the Skin Deep database. Even their morigna supplements are better than those of competitors’ thanks to high quality source product and packaging. So, if you think you could be exposing yourself to¬† too much chemistry, this is where I would look to. Green Virgin Products they are called. Sometimes you don’t have to sacrifice safety or health for performance.