Sleep is the key

I know, bothering about having a proper sleep may seem silly, especially when you are under 30 but let’s be honest, you can only get away with having poor sleep for so long. As years go by you become more susceptible to a lack of sleep because a human body needs to ‘reset’ itself and recover every single night. When you don’t get enough sleep your brain and body become less functional, you feel tired, and worst of all – there’s no way around it. An energy drink can give you some boost but only for a few hours at best. Really, there’s no way for people to avoid sleep safely. Therefore, since we are doomed to waste a good third of our lives lying in bed I truly believe we should try to make the most out of it, have our sleep as productive as possible. It is better to have 8 hours of thorough sleep than some 11 hours of interruptions, waking up and lying awake.
If you normally doze off within the first 10 minutes, then good for you, you probably don’t realize how lucky you are. Truth is there’s a huge number of people who experience sleep deprivation despite trying to follow a healthy schedule. Way too many people waste a lot of their time TRYING to sleep instead of actually sleeping. Why is that, you may think? Well, There’s no single answer that would fit everyone. Sometimes it’s a medical condition of some sort. A restless brain is often in the way. But what do you do about it? I’d say you should try to do everything you can. While I am not able to give any medical advice, I do know this: you need a quiet and comfortable place to sleep in. Let your bedroom be a place you only use to sleep in – try not to work, party or fight there, so that you don’t have any disturbing associations with that room. Try using noise cancelling earplugs and blackout curtains – the less auditory and visual stimuli the better. Finally and, perhaps most importantly, the bed itself. Your bed should feel comfortable and provide you with some good rest. You need to have a good mattress and a pillow. Finding a perfect set may turn out to be quite a long and expensive quest and I will gladly show you a shortcut if you believe your sleep could be better.
When buying a new mattress there’s always a chance of you finding it not exactly 100% to your taste and that’s OK as people are different and what suits one person may not be as good to another. Imagine yourself to be the one to have missed the target and finding yourself in a need for a different mattress? Having a trial period is what you want. Even though many companies nowadays do have a trial period of around 100 nights, not all of them do, so make sure of that before you buy. Being able to return a mattress is great but it gets even better if you don’t pay for its delivery or a pick up. Again, many companies will not charge you for shipping but some will, so double check. Finally, the company itself. It’s always a good sign when a company has positive feedback and good reviews. Don’t be blinded by shiny promises, see what other people have to say. That said, I am going to name a few companies I have already studied, companies with great service, highest quality and wide recognition. Please, keep in mind that I am using affiliate links for those companies and should you make a purchase after having followed one, I may earn a commission from that sale which helps me a lot. That said, I would recommend visiting those sites in the first place anyway.

Layla. They make incredible double sided, copper infused memory foam mattresses, with one side being softer and the other one – harder. You will have 120 days to make sure you love it. If you don’t, they’ll pick it up and refund you. They also have pillows, accessories and even pet beds!

Bear. Original, Pro or Luxurious hybrid – you choose it. Bear offers mattresses clinically proven to provide you a better sleep. 100 nights to decide, no extra charges for shipping and lots of extra stuff if you want to go big.

Silk&Snow. Pick a premium foam or a hybrid coil mattress to your taste. 100 nights to try. Pillows, bedding and accessories available.

Leesa. Top quality mattresses with options to choose from. Budget friendly multilayer foam or hybrid? Or maybe the most luxurious dual spring hybrid mattress, anyway, you have 100 days for testing and no delivery charges.

And finally, Puffy. You can choose between an original 3-layer medium-firm and a softer 4-layer Puffy LUX versions – either way you will feel like sleeping on a cloud and have 101 nights to make up your mind. They also offer accessories of all sorts, bed frames and even dog beds too.

Time to improve your sleep!