Make your home feel more like home

I’m sure, most of you like your home to feel cozy, warm, safe and… well, homelike. At least I do. But have you ever thought of what it takes for just a living space to become a home? You can think of lots of stuff, I know, like furniture, household appliances etc. but are there some key ingredients to this? I think there are and I think those should be things that are special to you, things you identify yourself with, things that you have good memories of. If you think there is some common sense in my words, I will be happy to give you an idea of how to get some more of such key elements for your home. I say pictures. Not paintings or some random photographs (those, however are also possible if you feel like it) but pictures that are especially  dear to you or that you really like. Did you know there are services online that can make a framed wall picture on canvas from your favorite photograph? Or you can even go further and have a real painting of your photo drawn by a real artist. The mechanism is simple, you send them a photo, you pay, and in return get it transferred to canvas or get a painting! What a potential for making your home feel even more like… like home. Paintings and canvas pictures are made by different companies and I will put links to those in a minute but I have one more idea in my head. I think it will only be of interest to those who like videogames and particularly, Blizzard games. Yes, I am one of those people. The thing is, they have a fan gear store with lots of things to see but in particular, they have framed pictures of their games. I would definitely recommend having a look at those if Blizzard games means something to you.

Ok, it the place to have your  photos transferred to canvas is where you turn it into a real painting!

And of course, is where you’ll find a lot and especially awesome framed pictures.

Please, enjoy, and don’t forget that all the links I have used here are affiliate links (It does not cost you anything but I may earn a little commission if you make a purchase)