Have you got your room prepped yet?

Whether you study or just rent a room, you want to make use of every square inch of the space that you pay for. You want your place functional and comfortable, cozy and look cool you want to make the most of it. Where do you go to to make that all happen? You don’t want to spend a fortune to equip something you rent, or that is simply not yours. So, where do you go? Garage sales, flea markets? Well, I hope you are aware of places like dormco.com, dormify.com or roomify.com, if not, you may want to check out. No big news here. I just wanted to make sure you spend your money in the right places and get the best bang for your buck. I also want you to know that the links I use are affiliate links (It does not cost you anything but I may earn a little commission if you make a purchase)