Is Usenet Still There?

Shortly YES. Usenet is still running strong. Despite many ISPs having stopped supporting Usenet there will always be those who believe in it and keep it going. If you’re not familiar with what Usenet is you really should spent a little bit of your time to fix that. Start with a wikipedia article and google it for more, but basically Usenet is a huge worldwide network (kind of like World Wide Web but different), where information (or News) is divided into topics (called newsgroups). A particular thing Usenet is famous for today is binary files. Aside from endless discussion boards to any taste Usenet also hosts files. Files like videos, photos, audio, software that you can access and download at speeds way beyond what you are used to see on the internet, even faster than with bit torrents. Think about it.

As of now there’s a bunch of serious Usenet providers with different pricing and different features. Among the top providers you will find

  • Newshosting is a huge and established provider. You can buy an all-inclusive package that will get you ready to go in no time. They also have a free trial period, so nothing to loose for you.
  • Easynews. This service makes Usenet easier by employing your regular web browser. The quality is decent, however data is not the cheapest. A free trial is there.
  • UsenetServer. Now, what this service gives is 3567 days retention, unlimited data transfer, free ssl connections and 99% completion rate and zero-log VPN for a moderate price. A good service for the money but requires some experience or understanding from a user.

Obviously, there are more providers out there like Giganews, Astraweb, Supernews, Eweka, Newsgroupdirect, Newsdeamon, Pure Usenet, XLned and others but the first three providers would be your best choice if you are only getting your feet wet with Usenet.

So, as you can see Usenet is there, providers are there, just go and explore it.