Ok,  those of us who play Minecraft need no explanation for why it’s such an awesome gem of a game but actually many of you have never played it. Some may think it’s a kids game or that the textures and graphics in the game is just something ridiculous and way too simple but listen, there’s SO much in this game you can do that if you actually try it once you will most likely change your mind.

Starting from scratch you gradually mine resources, build tools to mine more efficiently, build some shelter to protect yourself from creepers and zombies and eventually create your own little (or huge) world.

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Sooner or later you will feel like playing the game with somebody else, to show your world to others or maybe get some friends and build something together. You can look for an online server that will match your requirement and your game version and play there but what if you only want to only play with people you know, to restrict access? Your best bet would be to set up a personal Minecraft server and invite people there. This way you can play with people you invite no matter where they are. Your friends can be in a different city or even a different country and you will still collaborate and enjoy the game play together. The best way to do that is to look for a web host that supports easy setup of gaming servers and even better, a host that focuses on Minecraft. Yes, there are web hosting providers that exist specifically for Minecraft! The most recognizable of those is probably Apex Hosting. With just a few clicks you can set up your personal Mincraft server. For a price of a sandwich you could enjoy a whole month of team play and should you ever have any issues, you can always count on their dedicated support. Apex Hosting really makes it as easy as possible to start playing on your server in no time. Definitely worth trying.

P.S. If you are one of those who prefers to compare as many options as possible, I will save you some time and list a few other Minecraft hosting providers which are also a good place to go and are way more user friendly for players compared to regular web hosting companies. You can always resolve your game related questions thanks to dedicated support.

Ok, here go a few other Minecraft hosting sites for picky choosers 😉 The Minecraft Hosting, GGServers, SHOCKBYTE, RAMShard and ServerMiner