Sunglasses to your home

I’d like to say a few words today about such a common thing as.. you guessed it right, it’s in the name of this post. You may have even already guessed what I’m about to say but I want to say it anyway because of the concept which I find rather convenient.
Not everyone is a fan of going out for shopping. More and more people each year prefer to cover their needs by shopping online. Take a look at Amazon. But some things (yes, like sunglasses) are difficult to judge based on pictures alone. You cannot be too sure if they suit your face or not until you try them on.
And this is why I’m writing it. Because there’s a company that allows you to order up to 5 pairs of glasses for a 5-day trial period! You browse their website, pick what you like, make an order, receive your package and have 5 days to decide whether you like any of the glasses you got. Then you send it back (btw, you never pay for shipping!). If you actually like some of what you’ve tried on you just then make a regular online order on the same website and enjoy! This method may not work out for you in case you need some new glasses asap, but otherwise I really think it’s a great alternative to what we are used to.
By the way, I said you can order sunglasses but I also said glasses because.. because you can choose from prescription glasses just as well. That sounds pretty awesome to me. I should probably name the website by now, you may have heard of it, it’s
And finally there’s one more thing I want to mention. They also sell a huge variety of contact lenses including some of their own. You obviously can’t order contacts for a trial but if you wear them on a daily basis it’s a nice place to source your contacts from. Or may be try something new, like colored prescription contact lenses. Hey, you could change your iris color while keeping SPH power!
Ok, I think I’ve said enough and I hope you’ll find this useful.



If you are used to regular online shopping and paying an extra visit to your local post office is not your thing, then you can browse though a couple of more websites that sell sunglasses, prescription glasses, or even sunglasses with prescription lenses. Those are some of the bigger and more reputable stores on the market.