VPN is your friend

Many of you don’t need to be told what VPN is and what you do with it but at the same time I also know that some people (even those who rely on using computers and internet daily) still manage to ignore VPN or simply be unaware of what it is. For those I’ll try to explain.

So, what is all the fuss around VPN, what’s in it for you and why do people even pay their money for it? VPN stands for Virtual Private Network which, I guess, doesn’t make any sense to anyone. However, what’s important is that when you use a VPN in your internet connection your internet service provider (ISP) will have no idea of what you do on the web, what information you upload or download, what sites you visit, nothing except for only an IP address of your VPN provider. That is because with VPN you actually send and receive all information through a proxy computer which can be and usually is located in a different city and even a different country. Speaking of geography, most VPN companies have a whole lot of cities in countries all over the world for you to choose from. Wondering why you would ever need to see internet from a different country’s side?Well, there are a few things to consider.

One of the reasons to go VPN can be blockage bypassing. Some websites are blocked for certain user categories (usually a website based in one country being blocked from viewing from another country). There are multiple reasons for websites being inaccessible to some people and multiple ways a blockage can be made. In any case using a VPN is a very effective way to bypass a block should you ever run into one.

It is also worth mentioning that the content you see on many big websites will actually be different or limited depending on what country you access a website from. You can experience this when travelling abroad. Using a VPN you can be sure to get the content you are looking for.

Being abroad you can also encounter restrictions of your favorite streaming service which again can be easily solved by using a VPN.

Another reason to use a VPN is the most important one for most users and it’s privacy. As I have mentioned earlier in this post your ISP will have no clue of what you do online aside from the address of your proxy server, no visited websites history, nothing. Also,  a website you visit will not see your computer’s IP address but only a proxy one which allows you to keep your IP secret.

As you can see there are some situations when a good VPN service can come in very handy. I really believe that having a good VPN is worth the money spent on it. By encouraging people to use VPN services, by no means do I  approve of using it for any dark purposes or illegal activity. Please stay on the bright side.

To wrap this all up I will leave a few links here to the established and trustworthy VPN service providers that are the best in terms of VPN essentials like security/privacy, speed and unlocking capabilities. These you can subscribe to without hesitation. Please note that these links are affiliate links which means that if you follow one and then subscribe to a service I should earn a little commission on that which I will greatly appreciate ’cause it really helps this blog going.